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At Artisan Square Financial Group, we are a team of like-minded financial professionals who share the same core values.  We all have a passion for serving people, hearing and getting to be a part of their stories, and helping them reach their financial goals.  We see what we do as a craft, a combination of art and science that requires skill, dedication, creativity, and care.  Our passion means that we are emotionally invested in our clients and the work we do for them.  We look forward to creating something unique with you.


David Wood, CFP®, MBA

(513) 774-9049

I have over thirty years of experience in finance and accounting with the last Twenty years specializing in financial services. My wife and I recently celebrated thirty-nine years of marriage and we live in Loveland, OH. We...

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Jess Bennett, CFP®

(513) 523-1515

Mission I'm passionate about helping others succeed and live with confidence and purpose. My vocation as a CFP® Practitioner enables me to connect on a deep level with my clients as I learn about their goals and visions and...
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David A. Toney, CPA, MBA

(513) 325-0957

My Service Philosophy I am dedicated to helping you pursue your financial objectives for the long term. I know that your financial siltation will continue to change as your individual circumstances change. To address that, I will meet...

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