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Our Consulting Process

Our Consulting Process

Our relationship with you is what matters most!

Our six step consulting process is the foundation upon which we build and maintain our relationship with you.  As your relationship with our firm chronicles these steps, we establish goals, identify and implement solutions, and have a formal review process to monitor your progress and make changes as necessary.

Step 1:  Introduction

During the introduction, you meet our team and we review our holistic approach to managing your wealth.

Step 2:  Discovery

Discovery is all about developing clarity about what you want to achieve.  Until you have clearly defined needs, goals and objectives, it is very difficult to identify solutions to meet your financial goals.  Out of this step we develop a financial plan that is tailored specifically to you and only you.  It is important for us to have open dialogue about your goals, priorities, concerns, and fears.

Step 3:  Solutions

During the Solutions meeting we formally present the proposal that targets your financial objectives.  It is our responsibility to present recommendations that are appropriate and your responsibility to provide us with feedback about your assessment of suitability and comfort.  Following the meeting, we ask that you review the proposal to ensure it meets your needs. Do you understand the content? Are you comfortable with the investment options presented? Are the potential rewards, risks and tax implications clear? If not, we will go back to the drawing board and discuss alternatives at a future meeting.

Step 4:  Implementation

Once you agree to the proposal, we put the plan into action.  Depending on the solutions recommended, implementation may be immediate or over a period of time to take advantage of opportunities.  It is critical that you are 100% committed to your solutions prior to implementation as costs may be incurred to unwind transactions once they have been completed.

Step 5:  45 Day Review

The 45 Day Review gives you a chance to organize and understand the documentation relating to your plan and ask any questions you may have.

We recommend that you bring all the documentation you have received, including all statements and trade confirmations.  During the meeting we will explain all documentation and help you develop an organization system.

Step 6:  Ongoing Monitoring

Circumstances, financial markets, and life are constantly changing.  To insure that we maintain open lines of communication, we schedule a client service plan that fits within your schedule.